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Easy English Writing Steps - Second Edition 2020. Improve your English writing skill with this basic step-by-step reference guide for ESL students. Follow these easy steps and you can improve your sentences, make better paragraphs and write essays. There are videos to help you with difficult points. Make your readers smile. Follow on Twitter or join me on Facebook for update news.

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My students - Please download Easy English Writing Steps - 2nd Edition

It contains 14 pages. You need to print in color and put them in an A4 clear file.

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About Easy English Writing Steps Second Edition

        I have been using the first edition of this book for the last five years. I teach about ten writing classes per week at various levels. This second edition has been honed by many hours of classroom experience.

        Straight forward - The purpose of Easy English Writing Steps.is to help the students to grasp an understanding of how English writing works. It is a reference book for students in easy English. It can also serve as a teaching framework for teachers.

        Flexible - It can be used for self-study, one, or two-semester courses with students of varying ability. Weaker students don't get left behind, and there is no race to finish the book. The teacher is free to choose the direction and pace of the class appropriate through assignments.

        Focused - The simplicity of the 14 pages that make up this book is its strength. The students feel comfortable from the start. The grading rubric continually reminds the students of their weak points and refers them to the relative step for further study. The teacher does not need to explain the students' mistakes, time, and time again.

        Economical - There are only 14 pages, including the cover, so it is cheap and easy to produce. My students first graded assignment is to download, print in color, and put it into a 10 page A4 clear file. They don't seem to have a problem with that. The clear file is great because they can keep all their work in there, and the assignments always arrive clean and flat.

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