Opinion Paragraph


The OREO way is very useful. If you are asked to write an opinion paragraph, all you have to do is remember the famous cookie. The top biscuit is the introduction. The cream is the interesting tasty part for your readers. The bottom biscuit is concluding by giving you opinion again, in different words of course. Watch the video to see how to do this! OREO  Opinion Worksheet L2   Useful Words & Transitions these will help your writing to flow more smoothly.

How do you feel about where you live

Ralph McBook                                                                                 14 October 2019

Escape From the Country

        Many people think that living in the countryside is ideal, but it is not working for me. Firstly, there is little choice when it comes to shopping. There are not many shops in my area; just one supermarket. It is two kilometers from my house, so even if I only need some milk, I have to get in the car. Another reason is that the internet service is very poor. Usually, it is so slow that I can’t watch a video. Even worse, it sometimes goes down completely in the evening. Finally, and most importantly, for me, there is not much opportunity when it comes to working. Most companies have their offices in the city, so if I want to find interesting work, I will have to commute for two hours. Briefly, country living is not as great as people think. In my opinion, it is very inconvenient. I am going to move to the city as soon as I can find a job there.