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Write about your summer vacation

Write about your summer vacation. Think about your readers. What will they want and need to know? How can I make this more interesting for them? The most logical order is time; what happened first.

Write about your summer vacation. Start by deciding what will be most interesting for your readers, and what they will want to know. If you have 2 main points, there will be 4 paragraphs as you will need an introduction and conclusion.

  Notes  My summer vacation - for my classmates

  1. Australia

        study English     Manly     host family     friends     after school   

        surfing     sharks     weekends    zoo     animals      barbecue

  2. Job

        save money     Spanish restaurant     kitchen hot    new dishes

        taking orders      serving customers     after work    stories

1.Tell them what you will say
2.Tell them about it
3.Tell them again

Introduction - topic - and then main points 1 and 2 (thesis statements) at the end of the introduction.

Main Body First paragraph with topic and main point 1 in the first sentence. 

Second paragraph topic and main point 2 in the first sentence.

Conclusion - topic and main points 1 and 2 again (thesis statements), and your final thoughts.

Miki Suzuki                                                                                                      24 Sept 2018

My Summer Holiday

        I always look forward to the summer holidays. It is so good to be free and do lots of new things that you can’t normally do. The university break is very long, and I had two great experiences. I spent a month in Australia studying English. When I returned to Tokyo, I started a new part-time job in a restaurant.

       On the 15th of August, I flew out to Australia to do a homestay and study English. My lovely host family lived in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. Their house was quite near the school so every day I walked there. I made a lot of new friends from all over the world and improved my English. After school, I went swimming, and I tried surfing for the first time. We had to be careful though as there are often sharks in the sea around Manly. On the weekends, my host family took me to interesting local places. We went to the zoo, where I saw some unique Australian animals. We also often had a barbecue. It was really enjoyable.

       When I came back home, I started a new job which was hard but fun. I needed to make some money, so I worked part-time at a Spanish restaurant. At first, I worked in the kitchen; it was very hot, but I learned how to make many different dishes from the chef. Later, I worked as a waiter, taking orders and serving food and drinks. I enjoyed it because it was nice to talk to the customers. In the evenings after the restaurant closed, all the staff sat down to eat and drink together. We talked about all sorts of things. I learned a lot from my colleagues and enjoyed listening to their stories.

        I had a great summer break and improved my English a lot. It was exciting to start a new job and make new friends. I will continue working there, and I hope I can save enough money to be able to go back to Australia again next year. I think traveling opened my mind to many things, so I would like to visit many more countries in the future.

Here are some useful ways to start your paragraphs. It is best to include the time and place. Your readers always want to know this.

On the 15th of August, I went ...

When I came home, I ...

In the first week of August, ...

At the beginning / end of the vacation, ...

Think about your readers!

Who are they?

Will the topic be interesting for them?

What will they want to know?

How can I explain this more clearly?

What will my readers imagine when they read my words?

Ralph McBook                                                                                                    7 July 2018

So Annoying

        Everyone is different; that’s what makes life interesting. I think I am an easy-going, calm person, but there are a couple of things that annoy me almost every day. A person walking down the street looking at their smartphone is hard to bear, but when people ride their bicycles on the wrong side of the path, it makes me want to cry.

       It bothers me when I see someone using a cell phone while walking along the street. It says so many things. “Hey, look at me, I have the new iPhone. How cool is that? I can do all sorts of things while I am walking, play games, catch up on my social media, and send messages to my friends. This multitasking saves me so much time, and I never get bored when I am going someplace because there is so much I can do online.” Of course, I can only guess what they are thinking. Perhaps they are not thinking about anything at all except keeping their online friends up to date on every boring detail of their lives. It is bad enough that they get in everyone’s way by walking slowly, but worse than that; they rely on strangers to keep them safe from the everyday dangers that surround us all. It is a fact that multitasking increases the chance of falling over something, being robbed or hit by a car by fifty percent. When I see someone gazing at their cell phone on the go, this is what they are saying to me. “Help me; I am stupid. Please don’t hit me if I walk in front of your car, and most of all, don’t steal my beautiful new phone.”

        Another pet hate of mine is how people ride bicycles on the wrong side of the pavement. On the roads, we must keep to the left, and everybody does this because they don’t want to die in a car crash. Now, logically you would expect this keep left idea to be followed on the path as well, and it is mostly. However, I probably meet two or three people on my 10-kilometer ride to work that are going their own way. They will keep right and head straight for you. Then the chaos and confusion begins. Who will move over? What if we both move over? Their front wheel flicks as if to turn. Yours too! You both turn back, panic! I have tried many ways to deal with this problem. If I am feeling brave, I keep left with my head down and avoid eye contact; they usually move over then. Another way is to just stop the bike and wait for them to pass. There is no pattern to this, just a few male, female, old, and young riders that want to keep to the right side, so it is difficult to understand. I have asked many people if they know why this happens, but nobody can explain it. It’s an urban mystery, and it really annoys me.

        The main reason the cell phone walkers and chaos riders make me feel angry is that they are both create unnecessary danger. There are many dangerous things in this world, and with a little bit of thought, we can be free of some of them. I hope one day, I will find an answer to the urban mystery of the chaos riders.

Some writers find it easier to write the main body paragraphs first, and then write the introduction and conclusion. Why not try that, if you get stuck?