Basic Essay Structure



Topic and main points; what you will say about the topic

Body 1, 2 and 3

Topic and main points and explain about them


Topic and Main points again and your thoughts


    What an amazing and useful invention the bicycle is! It has been in our lives for so many years and will never go away. Cycling is a wonderful way to get around the city and do things. It also helps you keep fit, and can get you out into nature.

   In Tokyo, the bicycle is a great way to travel. It is often faster than a car because of all the traffic jams and does not cause any pollution. Another good thing is shopping; you don’t need to worry about carrying heavy bags home.

    Cycling is good exercise too. It is a low-impact sport, so it is quite gentle on your body. Many older people have started riding as it is much safer than jogging. It is much more interesting too as you are moving faster and seeing more things.

    It is surprising how far into the countryside you can ride on a bike. There are many cycle paths next to the rivers around Tokyo. From my house in Machida, I can ride right up into the national park near Shiroyama.

    I really enjoy riding my bike as it is such a convenient way to move around and it keeps me healthy. I can get out of the city too. I can’t imagine my life without a bike in Tokyo. I enjoy the fact that bicycles are cleaner and often faster than cars. If you don’t have one, you need to treat yourself soon.


The main points must always be in the same order 1. travel 2. health 3. countryside

Use different words to express the main points.  Travel = get around the city - great way to travel - convenient way to move around

1.Tell them what you will say
2.Tell them about it
3.Tell them again

3 parts you need in an essay