PC Format


How to start a new document in Microsoft Word

ALWAYS use the toolbar buttons to align the curser and text.

NEVER use the space bar to move the curser more that a few spaces.

NEVER use the return key to make double spacing.

Don’t change the margins; standard 3cm is fine.

1. Set the font size.

2. Put your name and the date in at the left side and place the cursor between them.

3. Use the TAB KEY to move the date across to the right side.

4. Use the BACKSPACE and SPACE BAR to ADJUST the date completely to the right.

5. Put the cursor to the right of the date and press the RETURN KEY. Now put in the title.

6. Click and hold the mouse button and drag it over everything to select it.

7. Go to the  LINE SPACING BUTTON in the toolbar and choose 2.0.

8. Select the title, and use ALIGNMENT BUTTON in the toolbar to move it to the center.

9. Put the cursor at the end of the title and press RETURN.

10. Use the LEFT ALIGN BUTTON to move the cursor to the left.

11. Press the TAB KEY once to make your indent.

12. Right-click on red or green lines to check spelling and grammar. Change if you NEED to. 

Remember! Sometimes Microsoft Word does not see a mistake, or suggests things that you may not want. Always check it carefully and think for yourself.

This is how your work should look in a standard PC format.