Before You Write


1. Your hometown - You lived most of your life there. General background, important for this topic

2. Your family - You lived most of your life with them. General background 

3. What you are doing now - The reason you are in Tokyo

4. Where you live now - Spend a lot of time

                                                 5. What you love - Interests and hobbies               LOGICAL ORDER

6. Your job - How you like it

7. The future - Australia


Miki Suzuki                                                                                                                            5 May 2018

My Introduction

         My name is Miki Suzuki. I come from Okinawa, a small island in the south of Japan. I have two younger brothers, and they live there with my parents. I am a university student, and my major is English. I have a small apartment near my university in Machida. It is quite nice as it is next to the park. I really enjoy playing the electric guitar. Recently, I joined a rock band at my university. Last week we did our first live concert. I was very nervous, but it was exciting. We are recording our own CD on my friend’s computer. I work three evenings a week at McDonald’s, and I am saving to go and homestay in Australia next year.

Write a paragraph about yourself. A good way to get ready is to make notes of what you think your readers will want to know about you.

Larger background information first

Smaller details


Notes - My introduction - for my classmates

Hobbies guitar  my band  CD concert

  Job  McDonald’s three times a week

  Family              Hometown

  Apartment   small  park

  Student life   major  university  Australia

Notes - My introduction - for my classmates

   5 Hobbies - guitar - my band - CD - concert

  6 Job  McDonald’s - three times a week

   2 Family             1 Hometown

   4 Apartment - small - park

    3 Student life - major university       7 Australia

Now think about the best order to present your ideas. When you describe something, start with the big things, where you were born and lived many years. Then smaller details about your life and the future.

Write about a person you know. Watch this video and learn how to:

Plan your paragraph,

Make a topic sentence

Avoid common mistakes

Finish off your paragraph