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Movies are fantastic for learning English. There are so many ways you can use them to improve your English and have great fun doing it! You need a bit of courage to start, but soon you will understand how much you can achieve by using them. Go to the bottom of this page to learn how to improve your English using movies. Follow on Twitter or join me on Facebook for update news.

It’s got to be fun!

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Ways of using movies at home

Get a movie you like on DVD. Try to get it with both your language, and English subtitles. Sometimes subtitles are called CC, which means closed-caption. These are made for people who can’t hear, but they are very good for studying as they describe the sounds in English, as well as the spoken words. Try some of the following exercises to improve your English skills.

1. Listening: Watch a short clip, about one minute, without subtitles and write down what you hear. Turn on the English subtitles and check to see if you got it right. If your movie does not have English subtitles, you may be able to find the movie script on the Internet. Check new words in your dictionary and add useful ones to your vocabulary list.

2. Pronunciation, intonation and speech rate: Put a clip in A ~ B repeat, and mimic the pronunciation and intonation. Listen very carefully to how the words are joined together and which words are more stressed. Be careful which movie you choose for this. In the case of ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ the accent is very strong southern US and may not be what you want. It might be better to make a shortlist of movies you like and ask your teacher which one would be best.

3. Vocabulary: Get a loose-leaf folder and add pages for the part of the movie you are studying. Later, if you want to go back and study an earlier part of the movie, you can insert more notes in the right place. You could use the back of your book to collect words that you think will be useful for you and that you want to use. The download below is an example of a good way to work on new words. It will make you think more deeply about the word and it’s meaning. You will need a dictionary with English/English function. When you write my sentence, try to make it about yourself or someone you know. Improve your English in every way by collecting new words regularly. Download English Vocabulary Top 5

4. Research: Do a bit of research on your movie. There are lots of things on the Internet that will help you, and many of them are free. For example, a Google search for Dumb And Dumber Script, will take you to Screenplays For You. The scripts are not always completely accurate, but they are very useful for learning English. All the songs used in a movie are listed in the credits at the end, but you can also get this information on Wikipedia or the movie’s home page. You can also search the Internet for the lyrics and get the soundtrack CD from Amazon, download it from iTunes, or maybe listen to it on YouTube.

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