Read the article above and below. Then, try the puzzles.

As Cameron says in his video, he is not a professional hairstylist, he just picked it up (learned how) from his mother who used to cut his hair.

It is all done by mirrors, so make sure you have a good setup allowing you to see around your head. You will need a good clipper with guards that control how short you cut your hair. Cameron uses 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6mm guards for cutting, blending and shading (fine blending) from the bottom up the sides and back. A comb and scissors are used to cut the top. To get a really clean edge he uses an outliner, which is a very fine clipper.

Note: In America, inches are often used to measure length.

1 inch = 2.4cm

These are the guard sizes.

1/16 (one sixteenth) > 1.5mm

1/8 (one eighth) > 3mm

3/16 (three sixteenth) > 4mm

1/4 (one quarter) > 6mm

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Question. What is the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut? Answer. About two weeks. More on haircuts? Have a listen to Close Shave - Justin Time Radio Show.

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